• Баня как идеальное место для отдыха

    О целебных свойствах бани было известно еще с давних времен: в бане за счет перепада температур организм закаляется и избавляется от вредных веществ, выходящих вместе с потом На сегодняшний день одним из самых привлекательных и полезных мест для отдыха считается база отдыха с баней. В состав такого комплекса может входить помимо бани: поле для мини-футбола; […]

  • Пикники как увлекательный способ времяпровождения

    Наверняка каждому приходилось отправляться на пикники, ведь это отдых на природе, море эмоций и простор для фантазии. Действительно, ни один другой способ отдыха не может сравниться с пикником, потому что только с ним можно развеяться, одновременно зажарить шашлыки и поиграть на свежем воздухе. Да и ехать далеко не надо, Беларусь большая и полна удивительных мест. […]

  • Организация торжеств

    Любое событие в жизни можно весело отметить: это может быть День рождения, юбилей или годовщина создания предприятия. Сегодня организация торжеств в Беларуси – одно из ключевых направлений сферы бизнеса На территории Беларуси расположилось несколько десятков баз отдыха, каждая из них уникальна и может предложить для своих гостей несколько вариантов времяпровождения. Как организовать праздник без хлопот? […]

What Can You Get in $800

If you have $800, you can buy a whole lot of stuff and gadgets. Building computer, which can easily handle today’s games, does not have to price much. In actuality, it is now possible to build a computer in a total of $800, particularly given that a large amount of hardware manufacturers, significantly have dropped down the cost. You can make an $800 gaming computer that includes Intel core 2 Quad Q8400 along with a graphics munching EVGA 260 GTX core 216. Gaming computer made in $800 can go beyond expectations in the synthetic and gaming tests. With gaming PC of this kind, you will have the best of gaming experience.

$800 also gives you the chance of buying a newly introduced phone Nokia N96. This quad band phone supports data networks of 3G and incorporates a Carl Zeiss camera of 5 megapixel. The camera of the phone not just allows you to take stunning pictures but also let you to make videos at about 30fps. Nokia N96 also includes an in built 802.11 Wi-Fi b/g module and UPnP connection. Another trait that makes buying this phone in $800 compulsory is its memory.

The memory of the phone is rated at about 16GB, plus there is also a integrated micro SD memory card that allows to instantly add eAAC+, AAC, WMA and MP# digital audio files on the handset. In addition, the navigation functionality supports eGPS as well as Nokia Maps software. Buying Nokia N96 in $800 is certainly a valuable deal.

Getting laptops in $800 is possible as well. There are various laptop models, which you can buy in your budget of $800. Toshiba Tecra A9-s9013 is one of them. This laptop, like other high rate laptops will allow you to continue your official work as well as access internet and stay connected with important associated.

If you love clicking pictures and do not have a good camera, but have $ 800, go and shop for the amazing Nikon D5000. This is a fabulous piece for a fine price. the camera possess all the essential features that enables the user to click some mind blowing and real like pictures. Various features such as Active D lighting, 19n scene modes and Vari-angle LCD makes this camera a hit among the photographers. Another worth mentioning features of the camera that is the live view allows the camera holder to see and create a shot exercising the camera’s LCD monitor. The live view options further incorporates face priority, subject trekking, narrow area focus and wide area focus.

Additionally, the D-view feature of the camera lets the holder to shoot around five minutes HD quality 1280×720 video or also about twenty minutes 640×424 general digital video.

What’s more? If you are in need of an accommodation then by spending $800 every month, you can get a house at some amazing locations such as Arizona, Texas, California, Oregon, Michigan, Virginia, New York or Florida. Along with buying home, you can even buy whole year grocery for $800.

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